Every process requires data. An order needs item and customer details. A sponsorship request needs event details. An onboarding request needs candidate details. Layouts capture this data.


Control requests

Any employee can request business cards, but only marketers can submit press release requests. Define who can make requests, from your entire organization to specific individuals, roles, or teams.

control requests
define accountability

Define process owners

Specify who's responsible for the entire process. Content publishing may involve many teams, but marketing is ultimately responsible for the project.

Customize the form

Add sections and fields to your heart's content. Edit and reorder default fields, or create new ones, like text, numeric, or drop-down, to make it easier to capture all your relevant data.

Customize Form
Field Access Privileges

Set field access privileges

If you're hiring a new candidate, the interviewer doesn't need to see their age or requested salary. Decide who can see what by setting field access privileges, to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time.

Protect sensitive information

Some fields are only relevant to specific stages in a process. Determine what's visible when filling out a form, protect confidential data with encryption, and hide sensitive data by marking it PII.

Protect Sensitive Information