Here's how Orchestly can help you

COVID-19 has changed how businesses operate, and this includes changes to existing processes, and the introduction of new processes to ensure safety for businesses, their employees, and their customers.

Collect data

Create forms to collect the data that matters. As an example, you could create a form to capture data for employees returning to work. Depending on your government's regulations, you can customize these forms to collect employees' location, health information, or workplace preference.

Build processes

Drag and drop to quickly build workflows that reflect developments in your business. For instance, you could build a workflow process that ensures safe working conditions. The process built on Orchestly will ensure all the required safety precautions are followed.

Track work

Keep track of work processes, employee performance, project deadlines, compliance adherence, high priority requirements, and more. Get notified instantly, customize your dashboard and reports, and ensure work goes on as smoothly as possible.


Remote work resources

Process templates

Process templates

From finance to marketing, communication is key to keeping company operations running effortlessly. Do it better with the help of these process templates from Orchestly.

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Shorten your recovery curve

Shorten your recovery curve

What is a business continuity plan? Do you need it? How can you leverage a tool like Orchestly to create a comprehensive business continuity plan?

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Succeeding in remote work

Succeeding in remote work

There's a big difference between working remotely and successfully working remotely. Steer clear of productivity pitfalls and establish a successful remote work environment with Orchestly.

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