Ad creation process template using Orchestly

Here's the blueprint we have created using Orchestly for a generic ad creation process. Yours can be much simpler or more complex, as per your needs.

Advantages of streamlining your process with Orchestly

  • For requesters
  • For employees
  • For management

For requesters

  • 01


    Make sure the work you start gets finished, without setbacks.

  • 02

    Avoid delays

    No more wasting time on reminders and approvals for drafts.

  • 03

    Real-time tracking

    Track your design process, and watch your workflow as it happens.

For employees

  • 01

    Better communication

    Avoid silos, and eliminate the need to notify teams every time a task is completed.

  • 02

    Define processes and duties

    Set boundaries and clarify the roles and responsibilities of employees, to help prevent confusion.

  • 03

    Visual representation of workflow

    With the blueprint feature, you can keep an eye on the progress of your workflows.

For management

  • 01

    Cost effective

    Identify what's not contributing to your profits, and save time and money, as records are automatically saved on Orchestly.

  • 02

    Pinpoint bottlenecks

    Finding bottlenecks is easy with Orchestly. Figure out where your team's lagging and where it's excelling. 

  • 03

    Identify risks

    Determine risk factors with reports. Set up reports to track down anomalies and KPI.

How can you manage your process with Orchestly?

Orchestly helps you simplify your process by breaking it down into stages. Create a blueprint for your tasks at hand, and assign teams or people to their respective stages. Get notifications of completed tasks to stay updated, and keep an eye on your jobs from wherever you are. Get the most out of your company, with Orchestly.

  • 01


    With the workflow already laid out, your process can run smoothly from one stage to the next.

  • 02

    Track work completed, in real time

    Track and record work as it happens, all completed by multiple teams on the same platform.

  • 03

    Less human error

    People make mistakes, especially when passing on information from one team to another—Orchestly helps eliminate it.

  • 04

    Save time and resources

    Refine your workflows, and cut down on unnecessary expenses, meetings, and calls by observing the progress of your process.

  • 05


    Communicate expectations clearly and fairly, with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

  • 01

    Cloud security

    Storing records digitally, on the cloud, is safer and easier. No more lost paperwork, forgotten attachments, or crashed servers.

  • 02

    Make better business decisions

    Use reports to evaluate your teams, employees, and jobs you've completed.

  • 03

    Send notifications

    Deliver instant reminders to teams involved in a task, with webhooks.

  • 04

    Create customized functions

    Design tailor-made functions with basic-level coding.