How does Orchestly's leave approval process work?

Here's a sample leave approval process template created using Orchestly, although yours can be customized to your organization's needs.

First the employee initiates the leave request and fills out the form. The manager gets notified, reviews the request, and then rejects, approves, or sends it back to the employee for correction. While reviewing the request, the manager can use filters to see who else has already requested or taken time off for the same dates. After the manager's approval, HR checks eligibility and either approves or rejects the request. And the employee requesting leave has the option to cancel their request at any stage, even after the approval—no need to bother anyone to do it for them.

How do you automate and simplify your leave request process using Orchestly?

  • 01

    Smart approvals

    Prevent multiple overlapping approvals. Use Orchestly's filter to find and avoid concurrent time off.

  • 02

    Quick response rate

    Avoid delayed or missed responses to leave requests, with prompt notifications.

  • 03

    Uninterrupted productivity

    Use the jobs page to keep track of all active leave requests so you can plan coverage accordingly.

  • 04

    Clearly mapped process

    Implement your streamlined leave request system immediately, with the aid of our prebuilt blueprint.

  • 05

    Criteria-based rejection

    Set up leave requests to be automatically rejected if they don't fulfil certain criteria, or aren't approved before a certain date.

  • 06

    Same-stage approvals

    Set up parallel transitions in your approval flow, so requests move from one stage to the next only when multiple people approve it.

  • 07

    Keep everyone in the loop

    Make sure everyone's informed about approved leave, with the help of Orchestly's automated notifications.

  • 08

    Custom reports

    Leverage detailed reports to understand trends in leave requests and plan ahead.

  • 09

    Eliminate confusion

    View applied, approved, cancelled, and rejected leave for one or all employees in one place.