Revamp your hiring process

We know different teams have different ways of doing things. Here's a sample, but what you use can be simpler or more complex, depending on your needs.

How will a cloud-based workflow automation tool like Orchestly benefit your hiring process?

  • For hiring managers
  • For management
  • For candidates

For hiring managers

  • 01

    Achieve process efficiency

    Create templates and eliminate the need to type out and send individual emails to every candidate.

  • 02

    Minimize human errors

    By automating most of the process, eliminate errors like sending emails to the wrong person or missing an important message from a candidate.

  • 03

    Automate notifications

    As the hiring process moves through different stages, send immediate, automated notifications to the DRI of every stage.

  • 04

    Salvage time

    Save labor hours that would otherwise be engaged in tracking, typing, notifying, or searching.

  • 05

    Track effortlessly

    At any point in time, with a few clicks, find out what stage the process is in and who it's pending with.

  • 06

    Automate actions

    Use automation for various tasks, like sending emails or rejecting candidates who don't accept an offer within a set time.

For management

  • 01

    Simple or complex, complete it on time

    No matter what role, or how many vacancies your organization is looking to fill, set up your hiring on Orchestly and you'll stay on schedule.

  • 02

    Fewer resources, better process

    Minimize the amount of resources involved in the hiring process, without compromising on process efficiency.

For candidates

  • Communicate promptly with candidates about written tests, interviews, and job offers.