With Orchestly, you can...


    Expedite requests

    Excel in responding to what's  needed when it's needed, and get things done at the tap of a few buttons.


    Improve turnaround time

    With a single, unified platform to run your business functions, improve your operational KPIs.


    Reduce training time

    With all tasks automated, employees no people, longer need to run around in circles looking for information.


    Ensure accountability

    Assign right tasks to right control access based on roles, and ensure that work gets done on time.


    Enforce compliance

    With audit trail and automated reporting, ensure that regulatory compliance is maintained across your enterprise.


    Facilitate collaboration

    Centralize communication with stakeholders while maintaining the context of each piece of work.

  • capture business information

    Easy to use form designer

    Create responsive forms on a drag and drop interface to capture business information to our specific requirements. Opt for multi-column layouts if needed, use logic to validate, and decide which fields should be visible or mandatory.


    Drag and drop to digitize workflows

    Create parallel or sequential flows on an intuitive interface and define the who, what, and when of every action. Set process constraints and routing conditions, get contextual data from users, and send relevant notifications.


    Automate to end communication chaos

    Automate stages that don't require manual intervention, and automatically escalate to the relevant managers when work doesn't get done on time.


    Integrate to improve agility

    Connect to popular business apps you use everyday with built-in connectors, or integrate with your other tools to efficiently work with unified data. Add frequently used tools as widgets within the platform.


    Monitor. Analyze. Improve.

    Get increased visibility into workflow bottlenecks and reduce operational costs by optimizing your workflows with the help of built-in reports and charts.