Orchestly's automation function helps you save time and effort, and requires minimal human effort. From scheduling emails to be sent automatically to connecting to other tools, automation is your best friend.

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Business rules

You're working on a travel request, and you want to be notified if the dates suddenly change—or every time a high priority expense request is submitted, you want it automatically assigned to the Finance team manager. Business rules allow you to set conditions that apply to all layouts, or just specific ones, to influence the behavior of your processes.


Webhooks help you send notifications to third-party applications, to help you communicate better. Set up triggers to send information from Orchestly to another app—so if you want to do something like notify a team via SMS when a task is completed, all you have to do is set up a webhook.


Access information in other apps, without having to open them, by building customizable widgets that are enabled at different locations or stages in a process. If it's onboarding, you can have a checklist widget at the paperwork verification stage. If it's a document review process, you can create a widget to attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Widgets ensure your processes are smooth and user-friendly.

Custom functions

Use simple scripting to create functions that can't be solved natively. Send and automate notifications to third party apps, call webhooks, and perform any logic with custom functions. Creating new functions is much easier with custom functions.

custom functions